As you go about today grilling burgers and hotdogs and going to fireworks displays celebrating Independence Day, have you considered how much freedom you have lost? Lets start with your Fourth Amendment right to be secure in your person and effects. NSA information gathering and storage of your phone calls, emails, what websites you have ever visited. That is not the act of a nation that supposedly stands for freedom and liberty. In fact its a serious sign of a coming totalitarian state that would make the society George Orwell envisioned in 1984 look like a European socialist state. How about the right to bear arms, if you live in certain states, your rights are severely abridged and nationwide the Second Amendment is under siege. What about the concept of equal protection of the law and that every citizen is subject to the same rule of law? For many years Congress has exempted itself and the federal government from its laws. That trend has accelerated in the last decade. Examples include Congress exempting itself from the Affordable Health Care act, congressmen and state legislators in gun control bills exempting police and other government officials from gun and magazine bans. We are evolving into a nation with several sets of laws, one for elected officials and government bureaucrats, one for the elite and another set of laws for the “unwashed” masses. We have government agencies notably the EPA but many others that write laws without the consent of Congress or the signature of the President. As you enjoy this holiday and time with your family, do not forget the spirit of Independence Day. Remember your freedoms and liberties and embrace that spirit that once was a fire in the bellies of the American people. God Bless You And God Bless The United States Of America


Hello And Welcome Patriots

Posted: June 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

I have reserved this page since 2009. But I have been busy on Twitter. Its time to express my opinions and views on all things government, the Constitution, foreign affairs and economics in more than 140 characters. This is a very dark time for America, and we need to take a stand.  Our freedoms and standing in the world is being wrecked. The Pax Americana that has lasted since 1945 is unraveling.