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What I`m about to write is not going to sit well with the human rights crowd, nor European liberals or our own homegrown leftists. You might even think I flew the coop. I dont care what you think, I am sickened by the unbridled cruelty unleashed upon civilians.

Just when you think that no one could exceed the brutal murderous acts of the Nazis, the Soviet Communists, Pol Pot and the Japanese Empire, along comes ISIS, Boko Haram and other like minded Islamofascists. In particular the acts of ISIS who have made the Nazi SS and the NKVD look like a folk dance. The members of ISIS and Boko Haram by their actions are not worthy of any kind of human rights, rather they should be treated as subhuman vermin. Here are my reasons. Brutalizing, enslaving women, young girls and selling them into slavery and forced marriages. The executions of gays by stoning, beheading and throwing them off buildings. The torture and murder of Christians and those of other faiths along with violence against Muslims who are not good enough Muslims. Burning alive a POW pilot. The destruction of historical sites and places of worship. These subhuman vermin only deserve one thing, death and the most painful one possible. Here are my politically incorrect solutions with captured ISIS and Boko Haram.

1 Burn alive ISIS prisoners

2. Any ISIS or Boko Haram members captured that was involved in the raping and enslaving of women and girls, line them up, take a handgun and shoot off their genitalia. It will take them about 20 minutes to die a very painful death

3. Throw ISIS prisoners off buildings, behead and stone them.

4. Bring back the medieval practice of quartering, that would be a great way to execute Abu Bakr al -Baghdadi and Abubakar Shekau for unleashing all the death and destruction

5. Use the Stalinist era “secret brand” on ISIS and Boko Haram prisoners which is inserting a red hot steel rod up the anus. Perfect torture for Baghdadi  for the rape of Kayla Mueller.

6. When possible, give ISIS fighters away from civilian areas a VX or Sarin bath.

7. Before execution, defile them with things deemed unclean

8. Video all these actions and post them on social media. Lets see if ISIS and like minded groups are able to recruit after all that.

Cruel, vile even insane? Anything goes when you are dealing with subhuman vermin terrorists like ISIS. A eye for a eye, a tooth for a tooth. Paybacks are hell.


Where Are You America?

Posted: March 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

The last few weeks have seen several major blows to constitutional governance and liberty. The takeover of the internet by the FCC without consent of Congress and the proposed banning of ammo, legislated by bureaucratic fiat. Our immigration laws nullified by presidential executive order. Now it has been exposed that Chicago police had a black site where people were brought in and held, many times without formal charges and denied access to legal counsel.

Where is the outcry from Americans of all political persuasions? Yes it is being denounced by some members of Congress, by bloggers, talk show hosts and the alternative media. Where is the general outrage by the citizens of America? All this should be angering the people to such levels that they are on the streets, marching in mass protests. Is it because too many people are numbed by the bread and circuses of celebrity worship, entertainment, sports and just struggling to make a living? Freedom is dying, not by quantum leaps, but by a thousand paper cuts. Wake up people, before its too late.

The unfolding of the scandal in Rotherham UK has gotten more disturbing with each new revelation. Its was bad enough that Muslim sex trafficking gangs were raping and prostituting girls young as 11. The elected officials and the authorities completely and utterly failed in their duty to protect among its most vulnerable citizens. The local Rotherham council, police and child protective services acted as enablers for these beasts. Over 1400 girls and teens physically abused, raped and assaulted. Many of these girls will have psychological issues for years if not the rest of their lives. Since it appears that the local and national government will do little or nothing to bring justice to those who raped those girls, and to punish those who abdicated their duties as police officers, protective workers and elected officials, as a citizen of the UK, this is a watershed moment. What are you going to do besides murmur and post on social media? Maybe its time to grow a pair and start massive protests demanding the resignation and prosecutions of officials. Start massive protests in front of your city hall and in front of the police station. Demand the vigorous prosecution of all of the grooming gangs with the maximum penalty to be handed down by the courts. If you as a citizen of the UK do nothing about Rotherham, you are giving a green light to the Muslims and to grooming gangs. You will be just as guilty as the politicos running Rotherham.

If the reaction of gun owners in New York and Connecticut are any measure, any assault weapon ban passed on a federal level will result in the criminalization of 30 million Americans and massive civil disobedience. So lets say the government aggressively enforces bans or as gun control advocates like to couch their schemes of disarming Americans by calling them regulations. To imprison 30 million Americans at the current cost of 25 thousand dollars per prisoner, you are talking 750 billion dollars, not counting the cost of building new facilities and hiring staff. Then you have to take into consideration the disruption of families. Since one or both parents will be incarcerated, there will be a need for services such as food stamps, foster care and other services. That will most certainly run into the billions of dollars. Here is another problem, since the vast majority of gun owners are productive citizens they are net taxpayers. Based on the per capita income of 42 thousand dollars per year, you could be talking a annual loss of 150 billion dollars in tax revenue. That figure is probably low since state and local taxes are not factored. So you could be taking well over a trillion dollars in costs to just enforce an assault weapon ban. And it will not create a safer America, in fact it will be a far more dangerous place because it will be citizens targeted for arrests, not gangs and cartels. Moms Demand Action, Everytown For Gun Safety, and other gun control organizations refuse to hear these facts. In the case of CSGV aka Center to Support Government Violence, these numbers are meaningless, they will be calling for the mass murder of the non compliant.

Democrat BS In Texas

Posted: August 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

The Democrat Party in Texas is desperate. Their standard bearer for governor Wendy “Abortion Barbie” Davis is down 8 to 12 points in the polls. Republicans appear to be on the way to winning big. So when Governor Rick Perry exercises legitimate line item veto power in cutting funding to a ethics agency run by a unethical district attorney Rosemary Lehmberg. She was arrested for drunk driving and was put in a restraint chair at the jail because of her abusive and belligerent behavior. To retaliate, a grand jury was seated and handed down a indictment. It is no coincidence that this grand jury indictment came from Travis County, probably the deepest blue county in the state. So here is the end game for the Democrats if they can create a cloud of controversy, they might be able to have a better shot at winning the governor`s race and other seats. They can try to play the “Republican Party is corrupt” card. Its going to backfire and it could create a backlash. If anyone needs to be indicted and removed from office, its Rosemary Lehmberg who has abused her power for partisan gain.

All of the gun control organizations in America has as their stated goal reducing or stopping gun violence. It is interesting to note that this view is highly selective. Just go and read the Facebook pages of these groups, or leftist blog sites like Daily Kos. Many of the posts call for the use of gun violence against NRA members, mass arrests and even the use of genocide. Worse they see no inconsistency or hypocrisy in this. They dont view their supporters who have armed bodyguards as being disingenuous. This all goes back to my previous comments on how progressives regard their political opponents. The advocates of gun control regard gun owners and their families as non persons.

Now and then you can get a gun control supporter to spill what they would do to enforce gun bans. One UK gun control supporter told me he would have no problem killing 250 thousand people to enforce gun bans. Another on Twitter a Ryy001 told me that she would support fining citizens even if their families went hungry and taking their homes away by the use of liens. And stated she would be fine with the use of armed violence. Too bad Ladd Everett, Shannon Watts, Michael Bloomberg, and the anti Second Amendment politicians cant be this honest.

Non Persons

Posted: July 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

Progressives in general have a very arrogant and condescending attitude. You can see it in the way they talk down to those who disagree. There is something more to their mentality and it manifests itself in how they abuse their political opponents. The progressives regard those who dare to disagree with their agenda and their goals as non persons, unenlightened, worthy of being demonized, dehumanized, and objects of violence. The leftist “war on women” meme is really not about women, its only about those who line themselves up with the left. Look how they treat conservative women like Dana Loesch, Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin and Holly Fisher, calling them “cunts” “not real women” “sellouts” comparing them to Islamic terrorists and even resorting to ethnic and racial slurs. And they think its perfectly OK to characterize conservative women in those terms. But if you say anything deemed inappropriate toward a pro choice woman or a liberal female politician, you are a sexist and misogynist.  Its all because you as a conservative, Tea Party member, libertarian or constitutionalist in the progressive universe, you are a non person.