Calling ISIS Boko Haram And Other Islamists What They Are

Posted: August 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

What I`m about to write is not going to sit well with the human rights crowd, nor European liberals or our own homegrown leftists. You might even think I flew the coop. I dont care what you think, I am sickened by the unbridled cruelty unleashed upon civilians.

Just when you think that no one could exceed the brutal murderous acts of the Nazis, the Soviet Communists, Pol Pot and the Japanese Empire, along comes ISIS, Boko Haram and other like minded Islamofascists. In particular the acts of ISIS who have made the Nazi SS and the NKVD look like a folk dance. The members of ISIS and Boko Haram by their actions are not worthy of any kind of human rights, rather they should be treated as subhuman vermin. Here are my reasons. Brutalizing, enslaving women, young girls and selling them into slavery and forced marriages. The executions of gays by stoning, beheading and throwing them off buildings. The torture and murder of Christians and those of other faiths along with violence against Muslims who are not good enough Muslims. Burning alive a POW pilot. The destruction of historical sites and places of worship. These subhuman vermin only deserve one thing, death and the most painful one possible. Here are my politically incorrect solutions with captured ISIS and Boko Haram.

1 Burn alive ISIS prisoners

2. Any ISIS or Boko Haram members captured that was involved in the raping and enslaving of women and girls, line them up, take a handgun and shoot off their genitalia. It will take them about 20 minutes to die a very painful death

3. Throw ISIS prisoners off buildings, behead and stone them.

4. Bring back the medieval practice of quartering, that would be a great way to execute Abu Bakr al -Baghdadi and Abubakar Shekau for unleashing all the death and destruction

5. Use the Stalinist era “secret brand” on ISIS and Boko Haram prisoners which is inserting a red hot steel rod up the anus. Perfect torture for Baghdadi  for the rape of Kayla Mueller.

6. When possible, give ISIS fighters away from civilian areas a VX or Sarin bath.

7. Before execution, defile them with things deemed unclean

8. Video all these actions and post them on social media. Lets see if ISIS and like minded groups are able to recruit after all that.

Cruel, vile even insane? Anything goes when you are dealing with subhuman vermin terrorists like ISIS. A eye for a eye, a tooth for a tooth. Paybacks are hell.


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