Where Are You America?

Posted: March 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

The last few weeks have seen several major blows to constitutional governance and liberty. The takeover of the internet by the FCC without consent of Congress and the proposed banning of ammo, legislated by bureaucratic fiat. Our immigration laws nullified by presidential executive order. Now it has been exposed that Chicago police had a black site where people were brought in and held, many times without formal charges and denied access to legal counsel.

Where is the outcry from Americans of all political persuasions? Yes it is being denounced by some members of Congress, by bloggers, talk show hosts and the alternative media. Where is the general outrage by the citizens of America? All this should be angering the people to such levels that they are on the streets, marching in mass protests. Is it because too many people are numbed by the bread and circuses of celebrity worship, entertainment, sports and just struggling to make a living? Freedom is dying, not by quantum leaps, but by a thousand paper cuts. Wake up people, before its too late.


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