Rotherham A Wake Up Call For The UK

Posted: September 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

The unfolding of the scandal in Rotherham UK has gotten more disturbing with each new revelation. Its was bad enough that Muslim sex trafficking gangs were raping and prostituting girls young as 11. The elected officials and the authorities completely and utterly failed in their duty to protect among its most vulnerable citizens. The local Rotherham council, police and child protective services acted as enablers for these beasts. Over 1400 girls and teens physically abused, raped and assaulted. Many of these girls will have psychological issues for years if not the rest of their lives. Since it appears that the local and national government will do little or nothing to bring justice to those who raped those girls, and to punish those who abdicated their duties as police officers, protective workers and elected officials, as a citizen of the UK, this is a watershed moment. What are you going to do besides murmur and post on social media? Maybe its time to grow a pair and start massive protests demanding the resignation and prosecutions of officials. Start massive protests in front of your city hall and in front of the police station. Demand the vigorous prosecution of all of the grooming gangs with the maximum penalty to be handed down by the courts. If you as a citizen of the UK do nothing about Rotherham, you are giving a green light to the Muslims and to grooming gangs. You will be just as guilty as the politicos running Rotherham.


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