The Cost Of Unintended Consequences; Gun Bans

Posted: August 17, 2014 in Uncategorized
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If the reaction of gun owners in New York and Connecticut are any measure, any assault weapon ban passed on a federal level will result in the criminalization of 30 million Americans and massive civil disobedience. So lets say the government aggressively enforces bans or as gun control advocates like to couch their schemes of disarming Americans by calling them regulations. To imprison 30 million Americans at the current cost of 25 thousand dollars per prisoner, you are talking 750 billion dollars, not counting the cost of building new facilities and hiring staff. Then you have to take into consideration the disruption of families. Since one or both parents will be incarcerated, there will be a need for services such as food stamps, foster care and other services. That will most certainly run into the billions of dollars. Here is another problem, since the vast majority of gun owners are productive citizens they are net taxpayers. Based on the per capita income of 42 thousand dollars per year, you could be talking a annual loss of 150 billion dollars in tax revenue. That figure is probably low since state and local taxes are not factored. So you could be taking well over a trillion dollars in costs to just enforce an assault weapon ban. And it will not create a safer America, in fact it will be a far more dangerous place because it will be citizens targeted for arrests, not gangs and cartels. Moms Demand Action, Everytown For Gun Safety, and other gun control organizations refuse to hear these facts. In the case of CSGV aka Center to Support Government Violence, these numbers are meaningless, they will be calling for the mass murder of the non compliant.


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