The Hypocrisy Of Gun Control Groups

Posted: July 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

All of the gun control organizations in America has as their stated goal reducing or stopping gun violence. It is interesting to note that this view is highly selective. Just go and read the Facebook pages of these groups, or leftist blog sites like Daily Kos. Many of the posts call for the use of gun violence against NRA members, mass arrests and even the use of genocide. Worse they see no inconsistency or hypocrisy in this. They dont view their supporters who have armed bodyguards as being disingenuous. This all goes back to my previous comments on how progressives regard their political opponents. The advocates of gun control regard gun owners and their families as non persons.

Now and then you can get a gun control supporter to spill what they would do to enforce gun bans. One UK gun control supporter told me he would have no problem killing 250 thousand people to enforce gun bans. Another on Twitter a Ryy001 told me that she would support fining citizens even if their families went hungry and taking their homes away by the use of liens. And stated she would be fine with the use of armed violence. Too bad Ladd Everett, Shannon Watts, Michael Bloomberg, and the anti Second Amendment politicians cant be this honest.


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